The ICIF Investment Strategy

We focus on debt and equity investments to maximize income and capital appreciation when identifying companies with experienced management and positive cash-flow operations.

When identifying companies, we focus on attributes that generate higher total returns, acceptable levels of risk, and opportunity for positive community change.

Collateral and Real Assets
Secured debt positions are a high priority. Deeds of Trust, UCC filings and other forms of collateral provide protection against price depreciation.

Co-Investment and Joint Ventures
Transactions sponsored by high-quality private equity firms show increased value (a private equity fund’s willingness to invest equity capital into a company is an implicit endorsement).

Exit Strategy
Any investment in a portfolio company should have a specific and considered exit strategy.

Character and Track Record
We focus on doing business with sponsors, managers, and vendors that share our core values and have a proven commitment to excellence.

Positive-Cash-Flow Companies and Assets
We do not buy “speculative” Venture Capital Company equity interests. We are interested in companies and asset with proven revenue models and positive cash flow.